Rachel (xxmizz_rachel) wrote in oc_uk,

Trivia Game 01

So here they are, the first ever trivia game!

Please follow the rules below;


1. Closing date for entries is Friday 27th May at 9.00pm GMT.
2. Winners will be posted sometime over the weekend. If there is a tie, l will issue a tiebreak question.
3. Please try to answer without looking up the answers.
4. For some reason, l cant get the comments to screen, so please email them to oc.uk.fans@gmail.com
5. Have fun!


1. What did Rachel send to the Cohen house to try and pursuade Sandy to take the job at the law firm?
2. Where does Anna come from?
3. What is Sandys mum dieing from?
4. In The Model Home, where did Ryan plan to go after leaving Newport?
5. Where does Sandy find Dawn working in The Gamble?
6. What month is Summer's birthday in?
7. Where does Jimmy's brother live?
8.Caleb's first on-screen girlfriend. What was her name?
9.What was the name of the club in TJ where they saw Luke and Holly together?
10. What does Seth suggest he and Ryan do for Ryan's "last night" at their house in the Model Home?

Good luck everyone!
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