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So for some reason channel 4 decided to show two episodes this afternoon! I cant get onto the fox website right now to get the description for the current episode, but post about it anyway!

My friend gave me an old copy of More magazine as it has an interview with Adam Brody in it. I've scanned the pictures and typed out the interview. Check it out below;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

As The O.C's sensitive, witty eye-candy Seth Cohen, Adam Brody has given hope to geeky blokes everywhere. If only they all looked like him, eh ladies?!

Hi Adam. When was the last time you laughed till you almost wee-ed?
I always giggle in serious scenes. The other night we did one where a girl had supposedly overdosed and might not make it. I was trying so hard not to laugh. Not because l think it would be funny in reality. The situation just got to me.

How do you feel about Mischa Barton's lesbian storyline?
Its great [sighs longingly]. But its not treated as a phase, its just that she is dating someone else who happens to be a girl. I love that the Midwest of America will be up in arms.

What would you last girlfriend warn us about you?
I'm obsessed with video games. But im feeling sort of guilty about it so i'm trying to work on literacy right now.

You are a geek! So who's your ideal woman?
I love a girl with a sense of humour. Its hard to tell on looks alone whether they'll make me laugh.

How is your love life? A little bird tells us you're hooked up with Rachel Bilson [AKA Summer in The O.C]
No comment!

OK... so whats the most annoying thing about women?
Their fascination with candles. They keep on buying them.

Whats the best present you've ever been given?
A couple of girls waited outside my house thinking it was my birthday. That had a poster and a cake for me. The only problem was, it wasent actually my birthday.

Whats a girl done that made you go 'Wow'?
Shown me that she was cute and funny at the same time. Attractive chicks never usually have to be funny to get attention, so when this stunning looking girl kept cracking jokes, that made me laugh, l was like 'wow!'

What one thing do you find unattractive in a woman?
Girls always want a hug, and im just not a very huggy person. There'll be a line of girls who want a hug, like im santa or something!

Whats been your most bizarre celeb moment?
I was in the supermarket buying toilet paper, when l saw Queen Latifah across the aisle, and she was like, 'OOOOOOOO CCCCCC!' That was awesome.

Who is your 'shouldnt but you would' woman?
That British actress, Imelda Staunton, whos in the movie Vera Drake. Ok, she might be older than me but she looks damn cool.

Yikes, got a secret skill?
OK, l admit, l use my name to hook my friends up with freebies. Fame is like 'the force' in Star Wars. You can either use it for good or for your own selfish advantage.

Whats the wierdest place you've been intimate with a lady?
In front of cameras with lights and 100 people watching while l pretend to be someone else.

Thats wierd! Does an audience turn you on?
[chuckles] No, its not the only way l can orgasm.

What would you hide if you invited a lady back to your home?
My smelly feet. Do they smell?

Um, no. So romance isnt top of the agenda with Mr Brody?
Not at all. My favourite date is going to a movie, then to a diner for a burger and fries.

We like burgers, Adam...
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