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Welcome to a community for all UK fans of the OC! I decided to create this community because l was annoyed at reading through American commuinties talking about episodes that haven't been shown here yet. This way all my fellow OC addicts from the UK can talk together! Share news, photos, icons, fan ficton and any gossip!

As the site attracts more members, l plan to indroduce monthly competitions etc. More will be announced as it happens.

Please feel free to join the community. Its still early days, but lets hope it all goes well. Please read through the rules below before you join. Its nothing strict, just a few guide lines. Any problems you can contact me through my journal xxmizz_rachel

- Please put all spoilers behind a cut

- This community is for fans in the UK. Everyone is free to join, but please talk about current episodes that are being shown in the UK. We are a month or so behind America. Don't spoil it for us!

- Be respectful to other members

- If you plan to post pictures or photos, please use a lj cut

- Its not a must, but it may be nice to post a little bit about yourself when you first join. Let us all get to know you.

- Have fun and go and promote oc_uk!!